Nambah Bagi Ilmu The Gimp

12 06 2010

Fyuh. Akhirnya setelah sekian lama sempet juga nulis bagi ilmu, memenuhi request dari maz Rafii beberapa waktu lalu :

rafii (00:19:53) : sunting


tolong bikinin tutorial buat background aurora ala vista tapi pake the gimp..
soalnya aku cuma punya the gimp,..
aku gak punya photoshop…

Maka langsung saja untuk membacanya klik link berikut :

Bagi Ilmu The Gimp : Membuat Wallpaper Aurora Ala Vista

Warning : bandwidth killer >> mengandung 26 image full size 800×600

Ini dia hasilnya :

Walau sama dengan posting sebelumnya tapi moga tetep bermanfaat soalnya yang sebelumnya pakai sotosop sedangakan yang sekarang pakai The GIMP.


Just Cuap-Cuap ^_^

16 04 2010

This isn’t a tutorial or something like that cz here, I just wanna tell a kind of story or work progress when I make a vector or vexel or whatever if it can’t be said as vector or vexel art cz actually I still confused about them. Ok here we go :

1.First, of course open a picture/photograph which will be used with my fav program, usually people use Corel or Illustrator to make a vector but I prefer Photoshop, just because I can’t use them, yet [actually because I lil’ bit lazy to learn n’ practice using em’] | note : some artist said that it’s a vexel when we use Photoshop or pixel based graphic program to make a vector art.

2.Next I just used Poster Edge Filter to create a guide for making a kind of sketch.

3.Then I just make a sketch based on Poster Edges effect, to make it easier I make a white clear background n’ sometimes reduce the Opacity point when making the sketch.

4.Next step I just used Cutout Filter to create a guide for vexeling.

5.Then I just vexeling the picture/photograph based on Cutout effect, n’ I just do a simple vexel. It’s because my computer will be hang if I create so many layer or object. Another reason is just because I don’t have any talent to make detailed vexel, so I just make a simple vexel n’ actually it’s not good.

6.Next I just make some detail for the eyes n’ lip.

7.For the next step I just wanna make it easier to smoother my vexel, so I just do some technique [or maybe I’m just cheating] by duplicate whole layers [a group of layers], add some kind of Blur Filter, make duplicate again then just set the duplication layer mode into Overlay.

8.In this step I just make some detail for the hair cz I think it’s too simple if I just let the hair filled just by black. So I use Pen Tool n’ make some curve then duplicate them several times and set some duplication layer in some different point of Opacity to create a kind of shading.

9.Finally, in the last step I just make a simple background with simple gradient gray-to-white, black inner stoke and add some unimportant stuffs such as my sign n’ my blog.

Last but not least, I’m really sorry for my bad English n’ hope this story can be useful. [whoa actually I’m not sure if a kind of ridiculous story like this can be useful ^_^]


Nambah Bagi Ilmu Animasi Dengan Photoshop

30 12 2009

Huft… Akhirnya disela waktu yg cukup padat bisa nulis Bagi Ilmu Photoshop lagi… Kali nie bagi ilmu’a merupakan teknik animasi, yaitu membuat semacem avatar atau karakter yg bisa ngomong atau apalah itu istilahnya diriku ga’ mudeng… he7x… (payah ga’ tau apa yg ditulis ndiri… ^_^)

Daripada berlama-lama nie langsung aja silahkan low mau baca klik link berikut :

Bagi Ilmu : Animasi Avatar Ngomong

Dan berikut hasil akhirnya :

Mohon maaf diriku cuma bisa kaya’ gitu, maklum lah keterbatasan kemampuan. ^_^ Tapi diriku tetep berharap moga bagi ilmu ini bisa bermanfaat buat temen2…


Warning :

  • Bandwidth killer (ada sekitar 39’an gambar full size)

Tambah Bagi Ilmu Photoshop

9 12 2009

Huft… Akhirnya disela waktu yg cukup padat bisa nulis Bagi Ilmu Photoshop lagi… Kali nie bagi ilmu’a merupakan teknik dasar edit foto, yaitu Mengganti Background Foto (Selection) atau apalah itu istilahnya diriku ga’ mudeng… he7x… (payah ga’ tau apa yg ditulis ndiri… ^_^)

Daripada berlama-lama nie langsung aja silahkan low mau baca klik link berikut :

Bagi Ilmu : Teknik Dasar Foto Editing bag.1 – Mengganti Background Foto (Selection)

Dan berikut hasil akhirnya :

Mohon maaf diriku cuma bisa kaya’ gitu, maklum lah keterbatasan kemampuan. ^_^ Tapi diriku tetep berharap moga bagi ilmu ini bisa bermanfaat buat temen2…


Warning :

  • Bandwidth killer (ada sekitar 30’an gambar full size)

Bagi Ilmu Lagi ^^

9 10 2009

Huh… lama juga diriku g’ nulis2 Bagi Ilmu, dan akhirnya beberapa minggu lalu bisa nulis, tapi baru sempet upload+posting hari nie… ^^

Langsung ke intinya kali nie diriku bikin bagi ilmu berjudul :

Bagi Ilmu : Button Bercahaya (judulnya maksa ^^)

Bagi ilmu itu isinya ya bikin animasi simple, bikin button yang ada cahaya’a semacem button Link Blog Ndiri yang ada di widget/sidebar blog-ku (sebelah kanan)

Yah sebenernya dah lama banyak yang request buat posting Bagi Ilmu nie tapi ya maaf, baru aja sempet diriku…

Dan akhirnya ya satu lagi postingan ancur dariku… ^^ hasil akhir’a sperti berikut :


Ya seperti yang kukatakan, animasi simple, jadi ya cuma kaya’ gitu cz diriku juga mampu’a baru segitu… ^^

Walaupun g’ bagus diriku tetep b’harap Bagi Ilmu kali nie bisa b’manfaat buat kita semua…

Kalau mau baca silahkan masuk ke halaman Bagi Ilmu bagian Photoshop atau tinggal klik Judul diatas aja yang Button Bercahaya… ^^

NB : Mulai saat ini diriku akan memasukkan kategori animasi langsung ke Photoshop, nggak ta’ masukin di Image Ready karena sekarang diriku pakai Photoshop CS3 jadi proses animasi’a langsung di Photoshop‘a, tapi buat pengguna Photoshop versi sebelum CS3 bisa mem-praktekkan’a lewat Image Ready, sama aja kq… ^^ harap maklum… ^^

greeting from me, Riadyawan ^_^

Step by Step Vectoring/Vexeling My Nephew’s Photo in Phosothop CS3

9 10 2009

This isn’t a tutorial cz I just telling what I’ve done, not telling how to… n_n

  1. First, I just drag n’ drop one my nephew’s photo on Photoshop CS3‘s canvas, this is SS how the source photo’s like…1 source
  2. Then I try to correct the color by menu Image >> Adjusments >> Color Balance… I don’t really know the values, but I just try make it better, so this is SS how it’s done…2 color balance
  3. Next step using menu Image >> Adjustments >> Levels… to get better lightning (just better in my view ^^)…3 level
  4. As the request from my brother which wanted his son’s photo looks like a cartoon style, I used menu Filter >> Artistic >> Poster Edges… >> just want to get edge effect to guide me in sketching…4 filter poster edges
  5. Using the Pen Tool (P) I make a sketch follow the guide, in this case I used Paths in Pen Tool options and used Stroke Path to make the lines, used Brush in Stroke Path option and sometimes using Simulate Pressure to make smooth line (don’t really know the correct term… ^^) For brush size, I used 3 in for outer lines and some inner lines, and 1-2 for inner lines (hair,eyebrow,mouth, and other details…)5 sketch
  6. For tracing guide I don’t use Posterization from menu Image >> Adjustments >> Posterize… but I prefer using Filter >> Artistic >> Cutout… Dunno why but I feel more comfort using it, maybe it’s more simple or somewhat… ^^ And the result is as show in following SS6 filter cutout
  7. Begin tracing process with Pen Tool, with the option for Pen Tool is Shape Layer… (prefer using this option than Paths, dunno why, but just feels comfortable for me… ^^) Need patience in this step and finally done with total about 70 layers for vexel group (I usually make some groups in order to have better management for layers… ^^) But I don’t really like my tracing result, not so smooth, but this time I don’t wanna make it smooth by smooth brush or line-gradient…7 tracing (about 70 layer or shape)
  8. Tryin’ to make it better and in the end just deleting almost all of detailed layer/shape, just make it more simple, and finally got the best result in my opinion… ^_^ (forced by condition… xb) Luckily the lines help me get the details… (although it’s not so detailed…)8 make it simple by deleting several layers
  9. The final step is just make the background, but too bad that I’m also not clever making a background, less idea,idea-less?, no idea, clueless?, not creative? or somewhat or somethin’ like that… ^_^ (maybe I have a problem with talent, I’m not sure if I have a talent in art, of course also in design (graphic design… xb) And blue gradient BG with some stuff finishing this work… (finally… ^_^) now I can save it as JPEG or PNG (of course also in PSD… ^^), then just uploaded it in FB, WP or DA (don’t really confident to upload it in DA… xb) and of course tell my brotha… (cz this work is requested by him, and will be used for his FB profile/primary photo)9 make background n' other stuffs

Want to sleep soon but not sleepy, so I just wrote this… ^_^

Un/not important info :

Several month ago I’ve tried to vectoring/vexeling the same photo but i’m not so patient and then that work just stopped and dunno It’ll be continued or not… (maybe not… ^^), so this is just how it happened…

  1. I’m tryin’ to vectoring/vexeling my nephew’s photo, follow an instruction taken from web (internet), I start it by posterized the photo from menu Image >> Adjustment >> Posterize… Using value in 14 and get this result…10 old project posterized by 14
  2. Next I just trace it with Pen Tool (Shape layers), trace and trace and finally get bored, run out of patience, don’t get nice result, so I just stopped… This is latest result how it done but not finished, yet… xb11 old project more detail but more effort

So these are messages/infos from me to all of you, my friends (or not yet… hope soon… ^^), especially who want to / in progress learn vectoring/vexeling

  1. Just do what you want to do… Especially if you’re in a mood to do that… (I mean Photoshop’in… ^^)
  2. Learn and learn, keep tryin’, keep doing the best you can do…
  3. Don’t get bored, keep your patience, don’t look the result when it still in progress or you’ll happy with the result… (as I usually do… xb)
  4. Try and error just common situation, remember, all the best always through the worst (at least bad or something like that)
  5. Make/search the best technique which comfortable to yourself, cz I think certain technique works on some people but don’t/wouldn’t works for the other… just be yourself… explore your ability/talent…
  6. Play your fav music and have a glass/cup of coffe when your’re on your work… ^^

He7x… I don’t really understand what I’ve said and I think your’re in same opinion with me… (just thnkin’… ^^)

Sorry for my bad English cz actually I don’t really understand English… (even Javanese, my real language… xb) This just forced mode : on… ^_^

Ah dunno it’ll be useful or not but I hope it can be useful for all of us… ^^

greeting from me, Riadyawan

Riadyawan Latihan Bikin Vector Art

26 06 2009

Hi7x… Beberapa hari belakangan diriku sering mampir ke, pertama sih jadi minder liat karya2 hebat yang ada, apalagi liat karya2 kru2 WowMagz yg keren abiz. Dan salah satu jenis karya yg paling menarik bagiku adalah Vector Art, nah setelah sempet minder akhirnya diriku dapet inspirasi juga dan rasa minder ntu berbalik jadi semangatku untuk berusaha membuat sebuah artwork jenis Vector.

Akhirnya pas pulang langsung aja diriku susun rencana dan target pertama untuk latihan Vector Art adalah sebuah foto yang telah lama kuambil, yaitu foto Utada Hikaru yg memang ku-idola-kan sejak SMP. ^^ Sebenernya sih low bikin Vector katanya pakai Corel atau kalau Adobe ya pakai Illustrator tp low Corel jelas diriku belum kenal, low Illustrator,,, New Interface, bikin bingung. Kepaksa deh bikin Vector Utada Hikaru pakai Photoshop, n Alhamdulillah semalem jadi dalam waktu sekitar 6 jam gitu tp ya ancur gitu deh.

Proyek selanjutnya latihan bikin Vector Art dari mobil favoritku, Ferrari. Dan proyek ini jadi dalam beberapa hari, nah setelah 2 karya (emang layak disebut karya??? hi7x…) langsung aja deh ku-upload ke DeviantArt. Nah beberapa waktu kemudian ada beberapa comment yg masuk. Duh… ternyata yang kubuat bukanlah Vector… sempet down tp diriku g’ mw nyerah disini. Ada yg bilang karyaku (perusakanku ^^) ntu Vector, tp ada juga yg bilang ntu Vexel, dan ada juga yg menyarankan ntu sebaiknya masuk ke Mixed media, soalnya kan dalam tiap artwork yang kubuat pada sentuhan akhir selalu ku-haluskan dengan Brush, sedangkan katanya low Vector ato Vexel ntu murni hasil trace g’ pake Brush. Waduh ternyata diriku dah salah nie… xb Jadi tambah bingung, ada Vector, ada Vexel, sampai sekarang diriku lom tau bedanya Vector ma Vexel, puyeng dah.

Diriku g’ boleh nyerah sampai disini, n diriku coba terus latihan agar setidaknya mampu menghasilkan karya yang bener2 karya baget n bisa dihargai (duh terlalu berharap nie… ^^). Nah setelah ntu dalam latihan Vector diriku coba membuat Vector dari foto salah satu teman-ku di Facebook. Jadi sih semalem sekitar 5 jam, cuma pada akhirnya beberapa hari mengalami perbaikan, terutama pada bagian wajah : mata, hidung, dan bibir. (masih tetep pakai brush, soalnya diriku masih belom yakin low cuma ngandalin trace, hasilnya kurang halus)

Vector Dinda

Vector Dinda

Yah diriku bisa-nya baru cuma segitu itu… Maklum baru belajar n masih tetep belajar terus. (duh kalimatnya g’ efektif bgdz… ^^) Low mau liat hasil Vector-an ku silahkan berkunjung aja ke akun-ku di DeviantArt, yaitu :

Baru sedikit yang bisa ditonton, newbie+newcomer sih diriku… ^^ Itu aja masih pada ancur…

Buat Dinda makasih banyak yah dah ngijinin foto-nya buat kutampilkan di blog nie. ^^ Maaf low foto-nya dah kubikin ancur gitu…

Makasih juga buat temen-temenku dari DeviantArt. Kalian adalah inspirasiku untuk terus berkarya. ^^ Really proud have friends like you all!!



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